COLT helps underprivileged families in Cambodia. Curious? Read everything about our community centre. 

COLT provides day care for children up to 6 years old. In emergencies, COLT can also provide temporary or long-term care.

In a joint operation with Chibodia, COLT provides free medical care to children and families in the community.

In our centre we teach all ages. Providing quality education is a cornerstone in building a better future.

COLT organizes a wide variety of fun activities, ranging from football to arts and music.

Special thanks to: Wilde Ganzen & Partin

A family for every child. It sounds so easy, but in reality things can turn out differently. On October 30, the Dutch foundations Wilde Ganzen and Partin organized a contest to promote home-based care. In harsh competition with 61 participating organizations COLT won the 2nd prize, which came with a great donation! A huge motivation for the entire team and an inspiration to hear other organizations working hard to realise home-based care around the world! Many thanks!

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COLT supports poor families in Phnom Penh by providing opportunities to develop themselves. In our community centre both children and their families get education as well as medical and social care. Additionally, there is a strong focus on sports activities and understanding of our environment.   Finally, COLT also provides temporary and long-term care for children, that can’t live at home. In these cases COLT strives to restore the family situation, with the ultimate goal to reintegrate children as smooth and quick as possible.


In the video below Shelter Manager Piseth informs you about his activities in COLT’s community centre and his vision for development work in Cambodia. The video is produced by Family Care First, a close partner of COLT.

COLT is extremely grateful for the continuous support, trust and confidence from our sponsors and numerous volunteers. Thanks to them we can make a difference for the families that need it most. Will you join us?

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COLT depends on subsidy and donations. In order to realize our goals and provide disadvantaged families in Cambodia opportunities to improve their future, we need your help. What can you do?  Read more

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Take action and organise a sponsor run, Christmas market, benefit concert or any other event with COLT as beneficiary. Through the years volunteers have shown their creativity and determination in organizing events that allowed us to continue this work. Read more

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Are you interested in volunteering for a trustworthy organisation? COLT is always looking for motivated volunteers that are willing to support our community centre. Read more