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Sponsor COLT

Originally, COLT started as a children’s shelter in 2005. Now we have embraced a new approach where children are supported within their family or community. Today COLT is able to support children and their families on several levels thanks to passionate and dedicated staff as well as continuous support, trust and confidence from sponsors and volunteers. 


In order to be able to keep providing essential support to the families that need it the most, COLT needs your help. Become a monthly sponsor today. COLT fully depends on the hard work of sponsors, donations and volunteers. In order to realize COLT’s goals and provide children an opportunity for a brighter future, we need your help. What will you do?

Count me in!

Select an option

Monthly sponsor

If you would like to sponsor us on a monthly basis, you can choose between one of the following packages. Click on the link to read more about the specific packages:

  1. Classroom Sponsor

  2. Home-based Care Sponsor

  3. Sports Sponsor

  4. Green Sponsor

  5. Daycare Sponsor

  6. Bridge the gap Sponsor

  7. Essential Sponsor

The reference sponsorship is $35/30€ per month. However you can choose the amount you wish to give: simply specify the amount on the sponsorship form. Each sponsorship counts!

The recurring payments will take place till further notice, which can be sent to

Join the Club of 100

COLT is recruiting 100 members for our Club of 100. Each member donates an annual amount of at least 100 euro, which directly supports the development of children and their families in Cambodia. Will you join us?

You can become member by yourself, but also as a group with your sports team, colleagues or classmates. Curious? Keep reading and subscribe!

You can also download the flyer in 

Norwegian or Khmer.


A single donation

Naturally, it is also possible to make a one-off payment to our COLT account. Donate via PayPal or transfer an amount to account number NL81 RABO 0120 024 942, BIC: RABONL2U, account holder: Colt Cambodja.

* COLT is a certified Public Benefit Foundation (ANBI nr. 70433) which might allow tax deduction in your jurisdiction.


The support of sponsors is indispensable to keep carrying out all our activities. The following sponsors have supported us in different ways over the years. Thanks to their support, and the help of many others, COLT was able to develop and continue our important work.

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