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Annual reports

The COLT foundation “Stichting Colt-Cambodja” in the Netherlands is responsible for all financial obligations. The community centre in Cambodia receives monthly funds that cover fixed and variable expenses. In turn, the Cambodian organization provides a monthly report accounting for all expenses, which is checked and reviewed by the Dutch board. Through the links below you can view the latest budget as well as annual reports and financial statements from recent years.

Annual reports and financial statements 


To ensure careful management, COLT works together with several partners in the Netherlands and Cambodia. In the Netherlands COLT works with accountancy firm HUT in Zuid-Laren. In Cambodia the monthly financials are checked by Donasco, a local administration and accountancy firm and a registered member of The International Accountanting Group (TIAG). Apart from the monthly monitoring, Donasco reports annually to local authorities and the Dutch board. Finally, COLT is assisted by SPR Law Firm, situated in Phnom Penh for any legal issues.

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