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Our team

The employees and volunteers of COLT community centre are directed by shelter manager Piseth. He is guided and supported by a Cambodian and a Dutch board. COLT invests continuously in the training and development of the staff. Piseth, for example, was financially supported to complete his Master’s degree in social studies. Apart from formal education, COLT stimulates staff development through a wide range of relevant courses and workshops, while also providing internships for Cambodian students at our centre.



Dutch board

The Dutch foundation (Stichting Colt-Cambodja) was founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing financial and directional support to the Cambodian counterpart COLT (Cambodian Organization for Living and Temporary-care). The board provides direction and advice to the Cambodian organisation through the monitoring and supervision of its activities and expenses, and maintains in close touch with key personnel. Apart from keeping in close touch continuously, the board also periodically convenes formally through meetings and visits the Cambodian organization at least once a year. The Dutch foundation is a certified Public Benefit Organization in the Netherlands (ANBI nr. 70433) and is registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 02092710.


The Dutch board works together with a team of advisers, among them are former board members Frida de Boer, Andre Teeuw and some former volunters. If necessary, the board receives advice on organizational matters, financial and administrative issues, communication, ICT or law.

Team Arunny

Team Arunny was set up in 2016 by five enthusiastic students from Amsterdam, when they participated in the 1% Student Battle. At the time they raised a lot of money for the community centre and the start-up of self-help groups. Since then, Team Arunny has remained active and supports COLT by organizing events to raise funds in the Netherlands.


In 2019 Team Arunny made a restart and now Jessica (board member COLT), Iris, Ilse and Arnold are actively contributing to COLT. All of us have been in Cambodia as a volunteer. Would you like to participate during the brainstorm sessions? Feel free to contact

Cambodian board

The Cambodian board consists of four Cambodian and three foreign board members, where the latter all represent one of COLT’s partner organizations. Apart from the formal board meetings the various members visit the community centre regularly and provide local support when necessary.

COLT Norway

COLT also has a supporting organization in Norway, with its own board. The Norwegian board consists of Kristine Wittenberg Andersen (chairman) and Tone Wittenberg (board member). Kristine works as a  project coach at COLT in Cambodia.

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