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Day care

In a joint effort with Sreyka Smile Association, COLT provides a day care for children between 18 months and 6 years old. These children are generally coming from the poorest families in the community and are often already put to work by their parents. In our day care, the children are provided with a safe and clean environment, healthy food, medical care and education. The aim is to stimulate the children to develop themselves early, so they will have better opportunities in the future. Taking these children in simultaneously gives their parents the opportunity to earn an income and improve their family situation. Through providing a safe place for children and guiding their parents, COLT strives to help the family break out of the poverty cycle permanently.

COLT employs two nannies that implement a varied program from Monday to Friday. They ensure the children are kept safe and healthy and prepare them for primary school. Examples of activities in the daily program are drawing, exercise, gardening, singing, English and Khmer and of course free play. The nannies are supervised by qualified social workers who  share the responsibility to keep the children safe, while also observing the children’s behaviour. If any serious behavioural issues take place, the pedagogical coach can also be consulted. The social workers discuss all their findings with the children’s parent/caretakers and involve them in creating a family development plan with the ultimate goal to improve the overall family situation.

Family development plan

In exchange for a safe and clean environment where there child can carelessly play and develop, the parents commit to follow a personal development plan. Together with a social worker they write down the steps they need to take to escape the poverty circle. Part of this plan are workshops and home visits, through which parents are taught important life skills like money management and pedagogics, but also language skills and vocational training. Ultimately, through this plan we hope to empower the parents to such an extent that they are able to provide for their family, without needing the child as a source of income, but permit him or her to enjoy basic children’s rights like education and the opportunity to develop.

Sponsors needed!

For €25 a month you can help a child in our day care. Thanks to your support COLT can provide qualified nannies, study material, healthy food, transport and medical care for the entire family. We guide the family until they are able to independently maintain a safe home, where their child is allowed to really be a child, and can follow regular education.

Would you like to support the children in our day care? Transfer you monthly donation to ‘Stichting COLT Cambodia’,  IBAN NL81 RABO 0120 0294 42, BIC: RABONL2U, citing ‘parent/child’ or contact us at for alternative options.

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