About Colt

In 2005 the Cambodian Thourn Sinan, who had for some time been active in helping a group of children, met the Dutchmen Andre Ruys and Menno van Essen. Together they tried to improve the living conditions of the children but they soon realised that more structural help was needed. Andre invited his good friend Tina Beekman-Tolner to visit them in Cambodia. During her visit, when they saw how pitiful the conditions were for the children, they decided to take action. These children needed HELP! On returning to the Netherlands Tina set up the Colt foundation and started the search for donors. At the same time an organization was set up in Cambodia, the board consisted of members from Cambodia, the Netherlands and Germany. The present structure of Colt is given below. More information on the goals and activities of Colt can be found here.

In the Netherlands Colt has the ANBI status (no. 70433), which means it is a certified institution for public benefit. In March 2007 Colt was officially awarded the NGO status by the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Besides that Colt is an active member of the NGO network NGOCRC which is a coalition on the rights of the child. Children and staff of Colt attent the monthly meetings, workshops or activities from the NGO CRC network. More information on NGO CRC you can find here.





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