Dentists in action

Colt has been hosting an annual dentist action for years now. This initiative is organized by the American dentist Bob Renner and his wife Purobi, who were touched by Cambodian poverty when they visited Colt during their holidays a long time ago. They put their heads together with Colt board member André Ruys and his wife Lily, and gave life to the annual dentist action.

An international team of dentists, interns and assistants visits several projects each year to treat the teeth of Cambodian children. Colt has been part of the organization since the beginning, so our children have healthy teeth, thanks to the efforts of Bob and Purobi’s team. 

Through the years, the importance of this project has become clear, as many children were unable to get their rotten teeth pulled and in so much pain that they were unable to eat, sometimes to such an extent that they actually ended up underfed.

The dentist action is made possible by the determined collaboration of a large group of volunteers. Many of them have been involved with Colt for a long time and we all share a sense of pride to be part of this inspiring project.