Education and training is one of the objectives of Colt. Since the foundation’s birth we have provided English, IT and sewing classes cared for by foreign volunteers and local teachers. At our school we provide free additional classes for children from the neighborhood and university students and of course for our own Colt children.

English classes

International volunteers and local teachers look after the English classes at Colt’s school. Every working day there is space for around 250 students to attend for free. The teachers follow a specific system that is designed especially for an organization with a high turnover of teachers, as many of them are foreign volunteers, who can only stay for a limited period. The classes are dedicated to various topics, ranging from reading, writing and grammar to a broader range of knowledge, especially in the higher levels. The students get tested every two weeks and their progress is recorded in a short evaluation. When students manage to pass the exam of the highest level, they receive a certificate. 


Chinese classes

On top of English, the Colt children also attend Chinese classes on a weekly basis. A Chinese volunteer is providing classes on two levels. As the amount of Chinese tourists and businesses in Cambodia is rising every year, speaking Chinese will be a major benefit to children and students in their future careers. In the future Colt aims to structurally integrate Chinese classes in the curriculum.

Computer classes

A small area in our school is reserved for computer classes. Here, up to 12 students can learn the essentials about Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and have the opportunity to follow a typing course. When they successfully finish the course, they receive a certificate. 


Sewing classes 

Knowing how to repair your own clothes, or design new ones is a very useful skill in Cambodia. For this reason Colt employs a sewing teacher, who teaches the children how to design and create products with Cambodian fabrics. The classes can also be attended by anyone who is interested, and are free of charge. 


Through the years Colt has developed and expanded its library gradually. Situated on the premises of school it provides children and students a vast amount of books, ranging from fairytales for children to science and historical books for teenagers and students. Students are also allowed to borrow books from the library. 


Training and internships

Besides the regular courses, Colt also provides occasional workshops about various topics, like hygiene or sustainable energy. Colt also actively supports the older children who are trying to become more independent. We arrange internships with companies in the neighborhood and work together with connected organizations. STAR Kampuchea, for example, employs one of our children on a part-time basis. One girl has attended an internship at a local dentist and another girl followed a one-year course to become beautician at Open Arms Cambodia.