After Colt

Since some of the Colt children have been with us since 2005, they are approaching an age where they would like to be more independent and eventually a life after Colt. This is of course a challenging situation for young adults anywhere in the world and because the Colt children don’t have the benefits of a traditional family, we support them every step of the way. Several measures have been put into place to help broaden the horizons of our youngsters, and bridge the gap towards adulthood and eventually independence as smooth as possible. 

Junior Staff Team

The junior staff team was created in 2012 with the idea of involving the older children in the organization, let them gain some work experience and give them a change to earn some money that they can save for their future. The older Colt children can join the Colt junior staff team by commiting them selves for 2 hours per day working for Colt either as teaching English to kids in the neighborhood, assists organizing sports activities, helping out in the kitchen or helping out in our gift shop. Apart from developing a certain sense of responsibility, they also learn to save some money for the day they leave Colt. 

Training and Internships

Besides the regular courses, Colt also provides occasional workshops about various topics, like hygiene, education, or sustainable energy. In order to actively support older children that want to become more independent, we arrange internships with companies in the neighborhood and work together with connected organizations. Star Kampuchea for example, an umbrella organization which assists volunteers who are planning to come to Cambodia, employs one of our children on a part-time basis. One girl has been an intern at a local dental clinic and another girl followed a one-year course to become a beautician at Open Arms Cambodia. 

Midway house (MWH)


If our children decide to attend a university or choose to take a vocational training after their highschool study they have the possibility to join the Midway House. The Midway House is  a student house initiated by the Dutch Dom-Ray foundation which is supporting university students from New Future for Children (NFC) and Colt. In the Midway House students from both NFC and Colt life together and have to support them selves, together they pay for food, water and electricity. The monthly rent is paid by the Dom-Ray foundation. All students have to have a job next to their study. Every six months the students choose a new supervisor who will handle the daily operation. In the Midway House students study and life together and take the next steps towards their own independence. More information you can find on the website of the domray foundation;