About the Dutch foundation

The Dutch foundation “Colt-Cambodja” was founded in 2006, with the purpose of providing financial support and guidance to the Cambodian organization COLT (Cambodian Organization for Living and Temporary-care). Tina Beekman-Tolner decided to set up the foundation after she experienced the pitiful situation of many children with her own eyes and decided something needed to be done.

Although board members have come and go over the years, Tina is still presiding. The board is highly involved with all the activities of the Cambodian organization, and warrants the right course through a controlling and advisory role. There are at least two board meetings a year, and the various board member visit the organization in Cambodia regularly. On top of that, the board members stay in touch with each other and the Cambodian staff continuously through phone or email.

 The Dutch foundation “Colt-Cambodja” holds a certified status for being an organization of public benefit (ANBI no. 70433).